BioDefense World Summit 2017  
BioDefense World Summit 2017



BioWatch: The Future of Biodetection

Michael Walter, Ph.D., Detection Branch Chief & Program Manager, BioWatch, US Department of Homeland Security

This presentation will look at how BioWatch - the nation’s only federally-owned, locally-operated nationwide program - is planning to enhance its technology to work towards faster detection times and save more lives. The program has engaged state and local stakeholders through focus groups to identify and prioritze technology enhancements that would enable mid- and long-term progress.
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Pathogen Biomarkers for Rapid Clinical Diagnosis in POC

Harshini Mukundan, Ph.D., Principal Investigator and Team Leader, Chemistry, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Direct measurement of virulence factors secreted by pathogens in a host during active infection for the effective diagnosis of infection in a POC setting. Our team has developed novel assay strategies to measure complex pathogen signatures in the background of the host (blood, urine, serum). Application of these strategies using a waveguide-based biosensor platform developed at LANL to the diagnosis of tuberculosis and other diseases will be presented.
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